In today’s world, looks are everything. Kim Kardashian is the name that springs to me when I think of someone utilizing sexuality to garner attention. Kourtney Kardashian is well-known for her stunning looks and wacky personality quirks. In comparison to her beauty, she is also famous for her sexuality to build her fame and profile.

Different persons have a different opinion regarding her fame. For example, as per the study of Setiawan (2020) Kim Kardashian reason for fame is her plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery has been blamed by some for her look, but I disagree. Yes, she’s had a lot of operations, but she’s always looked great. Her beauty has been increased by plastic surgery, and she takes full use of it. (Setiawan, 2020).

However, McMillan, (2016) mentioned that its Kim Kardashian has used her sexuality to build her fame and profile. She gets the reality television programme “Able to keep up with the Kardashians soon after Kim’s sex video was made public.  Those who first saw them, like myself, were befuddled and unsure of what they stood for. However, with time, the programme and the Kardashians got more engaging and compelling. We were hypnotised into tuning in to the programme each week. A decade after its debut, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is still as popular as ever. When it comes to attracting viewers and money, the Kardashians’ show has a lot of drama no matter how genuine or false it is. We, on the other hand, don’t notice it because we’re distracted by the entertainment value of the programme, which is Kim Kardashian’s ignominious journey to fame. As a result of her history, many people hold her to a lower standard (McMillan, 2016).

It’s easy to get lost in all the details of the family’s achievement, but that’s exactly what this study is trying to prove is Kim Kardashian has used her sexuality to build her fame and profile. People tend to make assumptions about this family based only on the fame of their deceased father, but this is far from the fact. The fact of the matter is only based on one statement which is Kardashian has used her sexuality to build her fame and profile.

Images of Kim Kardashian’s exposing body and sex are the primary emphasis of the visual text, with image’s sexually arousing position and motions as well as the image’s appearance as though it has an imagined narrative about her being ready for sexual action on the bed. The shot shows Kim Kardashian laying on top of the blooms with her right leg bent. The picture conveys the impression that Kylie’s body is under the control of a guy.  In addition, Kim Kardashian’s foot seemed longer as she bent her leg, and her back naturally curved slightly as a result (Rowse, 2012). This pose highlights Kim’s hourglass body since it elongates the waist and lower back via the use of knee flexion and back curvature. Kim’s tanned skin colour is regarded a darker shade than that of the pink flowers in the photograph, which makes her a most important player in conveying the image’s message as conveying the image’s meaning.

Kim Kardashian

To summarise, Kim’s Instagram marketing technique involves attaching the things she promotes to her own sense of passion and sexual attraction. As a consequence, viewers’ opinions of the items’ capacity to assist them achieve a Kim Kardashian-like sexy appearance were influenced by the seductive depiction and character of Kim Kardashian. As a result, Kim Kardashian’s sexy attitude is also designed to entice male spectators to watch her.

Kim Kardashian

They have either cultivated and developed all of these things on their own, or they have put in a lot of time and effort into making them. In spite of the fact that they aren’t very gifted actors, their reality programmes have made them millions of dollars just by amusing audiences with the drama that its members display on camera. True success may be demonstrated in these cases, even if they aren’t characterised as “talent” (Chess and Maddox, 2018).

When it comes to starting their businesses, the sisters think that social media is a big factor (Strugatz). Kim Kardashian has a Twitter following of 10.2 million, which is close to Barack Obama’s 10.4 million (Strugatz). With the use of social media, these women can spread the word about their business while also interacting with their fans and keeping them interested (Strugatz). With these sites, they’ve been able to better identify themselves and better serve their followers (Strugatz).

According to Khloe for example, “Kourtney gave birth to her child on television.” Let her wax my boobs in front of the camera! (Iredale). To be more personable on the programme, it’s easy since these ladies are part of a family and they’re behaving like they would on a daily day (Iredale). It’s clear from previous viewings of the programme that this family is nothing special. Although their family is more entertaining than others, they remain a unit as a unit as a family should (Critchlow, 2012).

That Kim Kardashian made a Celebrity Sex Tape is well-known. To be clear, I’m not saying sex recordings are terrible. When they become well-known, though, we get enraged. Paris Hilton is a good illustration of this. Because of her sex video, she quickly became a household name. Kim is in the same boat. How far would she have come if the notorious Ray J tape hadn’t surfaced? I have my doubts.

A sex video launched her career as an instant sensation. It’s no secret that sex is good for business, and Kim Kardashian is living evidence of that. With her reality TV show, fashion and cosmetic lines, Dash, a clothing store with her two sisters, and an App for cellphones that is worth $200 million, she has accumulated a fortune. She’s no longer simply renowned for being famous; she’s accomplished a lot, too. Even though she didn’t graduate from high school, Kim Kardashian is known to be a marketing genius. Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is a self-made millionaire who has worked hard to achieve her fortune. She embodies the American Dream with her designer outfits, high heels, and designer handbags. She inspires a lot of girls and women, not because of her history, but because of what she has accomplished in the present (Chess, 2019).

Although the Kardashian family is sometimes attacked by the public, they are not short in marketing, glamour, and a fan base. Overall, they are constantly at the top of the fashion game and cognizant of their place in the public eye. The name “Kardashian” is almost always in the headlines of tabloids or the news because of the turmoil on the programme and the real-life drama captured by paparazzi. Every year, millions of people flock to their clothing lines, TV shows and books, no matter how talentless the Kardashians may be. With their beautiful looks, strong marketing talents, and amusing drama the Kardashians have become one of the most successful American families in the United States (Chess, 2019). Its all because of her sexuality use. Because to her beauty or sexuality rather, she has grabbed the attention of millions of people. Her sexuality serves as a weapon for Kardashian to utilise for her own benefit. An 85-million-dollar net worth and a reality television programme have emerged from her sexuality. Since then she has had some kind of notoriety but it all began in a very humiliating manner. She became a household name because to a sex video. In spite of the irony, it was the beginning of her fortune and renown.

It is also believed that Kim Kardashian’s fame stems from her involvement in a sex cheating scandal among celebrities. On the list before this, most of the justifications had been little more than a source of amusement. Things have taken a turn for the worse, though. In 2013, Kim decided to launch a charitable organisation. For this charity, she gave up some of her most valued items in order to aid the victims of a disaster in the Phillipins. According to the documents, just 10% of the money raised really went to help the victims. It’s also worth noting that she pocketed part of the money herself (Marsden, 2018).

The fact that she is married to celebrity Kanye West has also made her famous. Is Kanye West the most egotistical person on the planet? No, I doubt it. Because of this, Kim and Kanye are a wonderful match. This does not, however, compel us to enjoy it. Kanye’s outlandish behaviour and irrational view of reality never fail to astonish us. Even though everyone loathed him, he continued becoming more and more popular (Harvey, 2018).

Celebrity Kim Kardashian is an illustrated dumb assemble when it comes to Kim, this is the most common cause of misunderstanding. What can she really do? The fact that she can’t sing, dance or act is well-known. To be honest, she’s only there to look pretty and nothing more. What will happen to her when she loses her youthful appearance? In the end, she’ll fade away. At the very least, she won’t be as despised by the American public after she’s out of the public eye (Chess, 2019).

“Why is Kim Kardashian so popular?” is a common question from the general public. And Kim Kardashian is no exception. She’s been nominated for three Grammys and owns a clothing line, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She and Kanye West have two children, North and Saint, and reside in a Bel Air, California, house that costs $11 million. Because of her social media presence, television appearances, and clothing lines, Kim Kardashian has a considerable amount of sway. Keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s antics is always a treat. It was on October 21st, 1980, when Kimberly Noel Kardashian was born in Beverly Hills, California. Robert Kardashian Sr. died in 2003 after an eight-week struggle with Esophageal cancer, which was the cause of his death (Setiawan, 2020).

Kris Jenner is not simply the family matriarch, and yet she is also dubbed to as the “Momager” When it refers to Hollywood, “Behind every successful brand, there’s a genius management,” but Kris Jenner is not only their management, she is indeed their mother. She and Olympic champion Bruce Jenner oversee all of her children’s companies. As a unit, they enjoy being a part of the fashion world together. Kris Jenner manages everything from the Kardashian Kollection to her son Rob’s modelling for the companies (Medina, “The ‘Momager'”), and she does it all herself. Even though she has a lot on her plate, she continues to work tirelessly with her students. When her children grow up, she intends to help them develop their own brands, which they have done (Medina, “The ‘Momager”).

Wang created all of Kim’s wedding attire, including her three distinct bridal gowns and the dresses for her bridesmaids (Iredale). She believes that the Kardashians’ familial ties are the most appealing aspect of their brand (Iredale). The family is lovely, and they act as a regular family should act (Iredale). “They truly are a family,” she says at the end of her statement (Iredale) (Harvey, 2018). But that is not truth, the truth of the matter is her sexuality to build her fame and profile.

At least for some of the family members, their love lives are more than tough because it is all about sex for them. Khloe and Rob’s siblings were the beginning of Kris Jenner’s love life (Jensen). Her marriage to Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner was consummated after she divorced Robert (Jensen). Kendall and Kylie Kardashian are Kris Jenner’s half-siblings from her marriage to Bruce Jenner (Jensen). For the time being, Kourtney and Kim’s romance seems to be more shaky (Jensen). Scott Disick has been her partner for a long time, and they have a kid together (Jensen). We’re all forced to go through our own difficulties because of the programme” (Jensen). Kim has had a more difficult time finding a partner than the other women (Jensen). To get over Reggie Bush’s breakup and move on with her life, she dated NBA star Kris Humphries after dating Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin (Jensen; Pathak). When Khloe married NBA player Lamar Odom, she became the first woman to marry an NBA player (Jensen). their love lives are more than tough because it is all about sex for them.

To some extent, Kim Kardashian is an object of normalisation because she is doing the work of normalising body image as well as sexuality by her own public demonstrations of it. It is Kim Kardashian’s goal to normalise the women as objects to be governed, ruled, and watched; the body is controlled and controlled in several ways, one of which is by wearing exposing attire. As a sort of discipline, Kim Kardashian uses this method to change her body into a submissive one. As long as Western society continues to value attention-getting gestures as well as poses, Kim Kardashian’s obedient body would be subject to the same set of rules that have kept it there for so long. Such rules require her to show off her body in general populace by donning tight, uncovering clothing as well as striking seductive poses. When Kim Kardashian’s business brands are published, viewers are eager to buy them, and all these enthusiastic reactions imply a winning strategy of issues and providing focusing on Kim Kardashian’s persona, which is her internal lust and sexual appeal, resulting in sales during the first day of the launch date. Even though the audience’s response to Kim Kardashian’s sexy persona has been overwhelmingly positive, the process of normalisation will enforce the body like a correctional system or surveillance state, so she must always monitor and control her seductive persona; wearing intentionally tight clothing as well as portraying seductive gestures and posE.  Monitoring one’s body, however, may be achieved by activities other than the exposed way worn by Kim Kardashian in the photograph. Celebrity dermatologists and plastic surgeons have confirmed that Kim Kardashian has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries, such as breast, buttocks, hip, and thigh augmentations, and she also maintains her curves through a combination of self-declaration and external activities, including cosmetic surgery, a strict diet, and exercises which target fitness, weight loss, as well as core strengt.  All of Kim Kardashian’s recent actions are more proof that she is placing her body under continual monitoring and scrutiny, much as she would in a prison setting

However, success is not one of the many things the Kardashians lack. In conclusion, Kim Kardashian has used her sexuality to build her fame and profile. She gets the reality television programme “Able to keep up with the Kardashians soon after Kim’s sex video was made public.  “Kourtney gave birth to her child on television.” Let her wax my boobs in front of the camera! Its all about sex for Kim Kardashian popularity. A sex video launched her career as an instant sensation. It’s no secret that sex is good for business, and Kim Kardashian is living evidence of that. She got lucky and get  the fame when she launched the sex video and get married with celebrities and leak sexy videos with them.

When Kim Kardashian’s body and sex became a focal point of her way of normalisation, she could use her inner longing and sexual desire as advertising material to promote a variety of services and products. It is her inner passion and sexual appeal from her body and sex that creates the emotions of the audience, not her true selling of her body and sexuality. Therefore, female viewers will use Kim Kardashian’s appealing images to further their own self-improvement goals, whilst male admirers will be more receptive to the sexual beauty displayed on the image. In a nutshell, Kim Kardashian’s seductive, sexually alluring style would make male viewers want her and female viewers seek a look like hers.


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