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Our website (Acting Excellent) is all about the acting-related stuff, we do reviews of movies, seasons, songs, awards, and dramas of any genre or any industry (Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood). We do post showbiz news on daily basis. We provide information for casting (any job or any filming opportunities) and Auditions. You will find actors’ and actress portfolios on our website too. Rather than that for the purpose of public entertainment, we have a top category that provides quality content (top actors, top actresses, top movies, top song box, top box office, etc). By changing the taste of people, we also have a general category and a technology category.


Indeed, the central mission of Acting Excellent is to inspire people with acting blogs. Every human on this planet should learn how to be an actor. Every actor should increase their talent. The good acting should be better, and the better acting should be the best. We carry out this task by following principles:

We’re available and share

acting excellent available for sharing content

Are you wondering because you want to know about us? In a word Acting Excellent invite everyone to support our guides. To allow other people to share our posts, we use a Creative Commons license.

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Positive influence by Acting Excellent

acting excellent provides positive influence

In brief, we aim to ensure that we make a positive influence on the planet. We are a carbon-free company for this reason.

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Consistency quality

acting excellent have consistence quality

To summarize, we deliver premium material, updated professors, and work with quality publishers. High-quality content is an Acting Excellent guarantee.

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every actor the opportunity to publish their work

We offer every actor the opportunity to publish their work (Articles). In short, one time at the moment, we help connect efficiently with the universe.

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Attention on everything

about us

In sum, we do attestation on each element of the acting. Either dancing or singing or theater.

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About us – We are Inspiring

about us

To conclude, according to our website Acting excellent, we do write inspiring content for the actors. And we believe in the motivation of the actors.

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