Syed Muntazim Shah


Syed Muntazim Shah is a Pushtoon film director and an actor. He started his career as a child star.

Syed Muntazim Shah

Television Dramas of Syed Muntazim Shah


In 2021, he was seen in a Pushtoon drama serial “Arman” which was aired in AVT Khyber TV Channel.

Sheen Khalay

Syed Muntazim Shah was seen in Pashto drama serial “Sheen Khalay” in which he was casted with Najib Fiaz in 2021.


In 2021, he was also seen in drama serial “Gadaab” with his co-star “Parishy”.


In 2022, he can be seen to play a role in the trending drama serial “Sang-e-Mah” which is airing on Hum TV.


In 2021, he was also seen in the drama serial “Dour” which was aired on Geo Entertainment.

Raees Khana

In the drama serial “Raees Khana”, Syed Muntazim Shah was seen to play a role. This drama was aired on TV One casting Areej Fatima, Wahaj Ali Khan, Omair Rana, Ayesha Malik, Muntazim Shah and Nida.

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