Morbius is an action, adventure, and horror movie. Morbius movie 2022 is based on Morbius a living vampire. If you are searching for the movie review then you are at your best place in this regard. Acting Excellent always provides you the best content, lets have a look at this movie review! Don’t forget to rate the movie trailer.

Main Leading Actors

Your excitement will be on another level when you will see the cast of this horror, action and adventure movie. They all have performed very well in this movie!

  1. Jared Leto
  2. Michael Keaton
  3. Matt Smith
  4. Adria Arjona
  5. Tyrese Gibson
  6. Clara Rosager

Story of the Morbius movie

Morbius movie is based on superpower in a scientist whose name is “Michael Morbius”.  Michael Morbius is paralyzed and surrounded by illness this situation let him feel of something is missing. He didn’t feel like a proper human in himself. In search of a cure, Micheal Morbius meets lots of doctors but he was very disappointed because no one can help him. He finds himself alone which increases his hungriness in finding a cure to become fit and fine.


“Michael Morbius” find a place for his cure he went there to that place. But somehow “Michael Morbius” bite by bats then “Michael Morbius” get fainted, when he opens his eyes after this incident then he finds himself in a hospital. He was hurt but it was shocking for everyone that he recovered faster than a normal human being. He feels fit and finer than a normal human he saw that he gets some superpowers like flying, better immunity, strong willpower stronger, and also vampire’s teeth. He was very happy because he was fine now but after some days of getting powers, he was out of control of his powers.

Sadly, the scene appears on the screen when he killed a policeman for blood. He started killing people because she was out of control. But soon in the movie he met with his love and this girl helps him control his powers.

That was all about this movie Morbius’s story plot.


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