social media for actors

As a struggling actor, you always need money to raise your acting career. How to get money as you don’t have fixed time to work, get money by Managing social media for actors.

Who are struggling actors?

Actors or actresses who are trying to get a role in the film industry are struggling. Million people spend their lives in the film industry without getting a chance. It is very difficult to be a famous actor. Shahrukh Khan the Indian king of the film industry was once a struggling actor and he didn’t even have a train ticket when he was struggling. Survival is very tough to continue your dream to be an actor.

Ways of earning Money

11 Ways of earning for Struggling actors

Get paid with the Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the perfect job to do part-time. What is digital marketing? It’s the marketing/promotion of content or brand using the internet. You can earn money by Managing social media for actors. Actors always used social media for their popularity. They don’t have time to manage their social media accounts but they want to keep updated their fans that’s why they hire digital marketers. So, if you are a Struggling Actor and want to earn money to raise your dream then be a social media manager of actors. It will benefit you in two ways, firstly you will get money and secondly, you will get connected with the film industry and get opportunities to work there.

Social media for actors

I must say Social media is designed only for actors, the public loves to watch their real life. Managing the social media accounts of actors is a fun and a great benefit. Below are the social media for actors, their accounts will help you!

Will Smith

Will Smith is a well-recognized name in the Hollywood industry, he has everything in his social media accounts that the public needs. You can manage his accounts for earnings and also you can have a chance in Hollywood.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is a name of Bollywood industry who earn a lot from her youtube channel. You can manage her social media account to earn money.


Disha Patani

Kajal Agrewal

Alia Bhatt

Jacqueline Fernandez

Dulquer Salmaan

What Social Media Does an Actor Need?

There are many social media accounts that are available for use, but managing too many social media accounts is a big mess. When it comes to actors then a common question comes to mind that What Social Media Does an Actor Need? The actors need just the following accounts for their better growth:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

For managing social media for actors you can read the complete guideline of social media accounts listed above.

You will be the one who will post the daily activity of actors, their shooting, their headshots, their workouts, and some personal life images. You will be responsible for increasing their followers and creating a good impression among the public.


Is it necessary for every actor to be active on social media?

Yes, it creates awareness among the public.

What are all the advantages of using social media in the actor’s life?

They get more popularity.

As an actor, what social media platforms do I have access to?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are most widely used by actors nowadays.

How should I portray myself on social media?

Let it manage by your social media manager he knows all.

The distinction between my personal and business social media accounts?

Your personal life images and videos will be on a personal box and will have privacy while business social media accounts have more promotional material and no privacy.

As an actor, how frequently should I update my social media accounts?

Twice a day.

Are film producers and casting directors interested in social media?

Yes, they are because they saw the latest trend there.

How do I get more social media likes and followers?

By hiring a social media marketing manager.

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