Nikon Z FC

The Nikon Z FC’s capability to perceive modern performance | Versatile Z Mount | Blending classic looks | Fine gradation | Detection AF System| infuses cutting-edge skill with flip-out vlogger screen

Are you interested and excited to know about the Nikon Z FC mirrorless camera? Do you know its features, working style, and stability? Hurrah! You are in the exact place to expand your knowledge on everything that is in your mind.

Nikon Z fc Description

The Z FC combines traditional design with Z series technology. Small size, high-quality images. 4K footage with continuous Eye-Detection Autofocus. A retractable vlogging screen with built-in live streaming capability. This is a camera you may have seen before. However, the performance is completely fresh. The Nikon Z FC is the company’s second-best crop-sensor camera which is mostly used as Z-mount. Z FC claims the camera is aimed at a younger, more fashion-conscious demographic.

Nikon Z FC Qualities

Some qualities of the Nikon Z FC sensor which make it a fast and high-quality performance are discussed below.

Completely movable display

A completely articulating back LCD is a first for the Z-mount series with the Z FC camera. For vlogging, it can be turned entirely forward, which works well with the video Eye AF function.

Good power of USB 

In addition, the Z FC includes a USB-C connector on its side that can be used to control the camera and charge the battery to aid photographers on the move. You should expect much faster data transfer with the Z50’s standard USB 2.0 ports.

Updates to the smartphone’s firmware

The Z FC’s other new feature is its ability to receive firmware upgrades through a smartphone.

Nikon Z FC price

Nikon Z FC’s price on amazon is ₹3,399.00 while in Pakistan is ₨172,000 – ₨212,000, while on Hashmi photos the price is ₨ 192,000.00.

Nikon Z FC Feature


It has a curious in color feature, along with its sensor CMOS it has black and silver color.


On the Z FC, you may pick from a variety of AF area options, including single-point, pinpoint, vibrant, wide-area, and auto-area. Because the Z FC has not a joystick, you will be able to adjust the focus point using the four-way controller. This demonstrates how effectively the camera can judge the approaching subject’s distance and focus appropriately.


The Z FC is denoted as the power of the battery with EN-EL25 as the Z50 and, as a result of sharing viewfinder, and CPU, it has a very comparable lifetime of the battery.


Uncropped 4K video tested along with the entire sensor width, high-speed 120 fps recording, and specific video settings are all included. Focus peaking, zebra patterns, audio levels, and the option to configure the microphone to better catch speech are all included in this app.

Pros of Nikon Z FC

When it comes to the widest lens mount on a similar camera system, Nikon has constructed the Z FC around the company’s groundbreaking Z mount. To get the most out of your camera’s light, you’ll need a larger camera mount, which means more light.

Cons of Nikon Z FC

With plasticky build quality, it has some cons. The camera’s real capabilities are not represented by the camera’s kit lens. The autofocus does not perfectly match with others cameras. It has only 20.9 megapixels. It has a Lack of mount lenses.


Nikon Z FC
Nikon Z FC
Nikon Z FC
Nikon Z FC
Nikon Z FC

Positive feedback

When a product comes into the market then some of its positive feedback and some of its negative feedback.  

Nikon Z FC

As John said, I purchased the 16-50mm lens version, which came extremely fast. This is a stunning gadget, but the image quality is also rather decent, particularly for videos. It exceeds my expectations and is still usable in low-light situations.

Negative feedback

As it has positive feedback it also has negative feedback.

Nikon Z FC

Hurrah! It has not been a negative review. The 5 and 4-star ratings exist here.


What is the cost of Z FC?

The Nikon perform an excellent entry-level camera for fashion-conscious individuals who will be compelled to carry it around due to its vintage style. With the majority of settings located on the top of the camera, the system is simple to use and the picture and video quality are excellent.

Does the Nikon Z FC have a full-frame? 

The 20.9-megapixel DX-format (APS-C) sensor of the Z FC is showing its age. It lacks backside illumination and lacks the advanced technology included in Nikon’s full-frame Z6 and Z7 series cameras. However, the Z FC produces high-quality images over a broad range of ISO settings.

What is the Nikon Z FC watertight?

The whole package is small and lightweight, with a magnesium alloy frame and weather protection underneath the exterior. While the Z FC is not one of Nikon’s top-tier models in terms of results, it can shoot at a reasonable 11 frames per second in continuous mode.

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