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Pakistan’s best television drama Mere pass tum ho was a great emotional and romantic drama serial where almost every line had a big effect on the audience. This drama is the high rated and most viewed drama in the whole world. Not only Pakistani public watch this drama but worldwide this drama gains fame. Since 2020 started, audiences were either excited by Mere pass tum ho and sometimes busy criticizing this drama for its substance. The ending of this legendary romantic serial shocked the public.

On January 25, 2019, the final episode of the Serial Mere pass tum ho broadcast on television also in cinemas for the first time in Pakistan and also across Pakistan. Let us take a closer look at the whole story of Pakistani best drama serial mere pas tum ho!

What’s the story behind the drama? 

Here’s in mere pass tum ho episode 1 Danish such a simple man who reflects the idealized Pakistani culture’s moral values. He is employed by the government. His life revolves around his son Roomi and his wife Mehwish. As a result of his politeness and the glamour of his money, his wife Mehwish enters into an extramarital relationship with a businessman. Shehwar also offers a top place in the business with a high pay and benefits package in mere pass tum ho episode 5, but her husband and child are against her job.

mere pas tum ho

She easily just quit her son and husband in starting a new life with Shehwar. She persuades Shehwar to marry her after nearly six or seven months of living with Shehwar on the wedding day.

mere pas tum ho

Shehwar’s wife Maham, came back after a long absence. She is the actual true owner of Shehwar’s property. She orders her to leave her house as soon as she finds out about Mehwish’s marriage plans. As a result of Mehwish rejection by Shahweetr. On the other side Shehwar Ahmad loses his wealth and respect.

mere pas tum ho

Danish, on the other hand, rapidly became a businessman after selling his father’s apartment and investing the profit in the share market. In those times Hania, Roomi’s tutor, develops a friendly friendship with Roomi. She does, however, have strong feelings for Danish. She even proposes to him out of love for him, but he dismisses her feelings.

mere pas tum ho

Mehwish requests Danish forgiveness and a meeting with him one time. Danish, through Salman, sends her a letter, forgiving her actions but refusing to meet with her. She even wants to kill herself, but Danish is uncaring and refuses to give her a visit to the hospital. Because of the media coverage of Shehwar Ahmed’s arrest, everyone knows about his fate. After much pressure from Roomi and Salman, Danish agrees to meet Mehwish for the last time.

As he sees Mehwish on o;d flat door, he has a massive heart attack as a result of having to face her and all the grief she has caused him as a result of her disloyalty then dies in hospital at the end of the drama. Even Maham forgives Shehwar and returns him to his house, but he is demoted from CEO to minor executive in the office. Shehwar is not happy, and he accepts retaliates.

Is it based on a true story drama?

Meray paas tum ho’ is a real story, as per reports. Humayun Saeed, who had also made headlines for the hundredth time in his career for his fantastic performance in the most famous drama Mere paas tum ho, has said that the drama is based on a true story.

What happened in Mere pass tum ho last episode?

On Saturday, 25 January, a very final episode of Mere pass tum ho aired, leaving the majority of the audience heartbroken and shocked by the forced death of their favorite character Danish. To us, it was a total letdown that the main villain, who caused the main characters’ pain, was not only alive but still displayed having similar levels of kindness. 

mere pas tum ho

So, in the end, Mehwish opened the door when Danish arrived. Even after Danish’s efforts to hurt her with insults and sarcasm, just saw Mehwish at the time as a symbol of guilt and shame. He only remembered the events that hit the poor man’s heart like a wave. The most watched part was when he said “Mehwish Mujhet Choona mat” again and again. So, this talk was a slap in the face and Danish sad.

mere pas tum ho

The scene in the ICU where Danish was was absolutely over the top. The broken man’s heart stopped beating, but he continued to talk, and the most upsetting part was that the six-year-old son had seen his beloved father’s death from the front of him. The Danish over-dramatic performance did not provide the audience with a satisfying experience, and the ending feel sad for the viewer, and the ending fell short of the public’s high expectations.

mere pas tum ho

Who is Rumi in Meray Paas Tum Ho?

Roomi played the character as a Danish and Mehwish son in the best way in Pakistani top drama mere pass tum ho. How could we forget about our cuteness? Never, ever! With his cute and innocent voice with solid and cuteness impactful, he proved he is the play’s star. He is a child star who has already achieved popularity as a major artist in mere pass tum ho. We also wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, whether he chooses to return back to showbiz in his future.

mere pas tum ho

How much money did Mere paas tum ho make?

Earnings for Mere Pass Tum Ho are estimated to reach one of the latest Fast and Furious films! On Saturday and Sunday, the Centaurus Cinema in the capital collected an approximate sum of Rs 10,000,000 lakhs! Sindh, on the other hand, earned over Rs 77 lakhs worldwide.

mere pas tum ho

Yeah! We have official earning statment of the drama mere pas tum ho from ary. You can review from the below tweet.

Is it now the end of Mere pass tum ho?

Mere Pass tum he has come to an end after a long period. The two-hour most awaited last episode of the drama aired on Saturday, and it was simultaneously screened in major cinemas, with viewers flocking to see how the show ended. And also, the public was disappointed by the Danish death.

Where can I watch mere pass Tum Ho?

You can watch all episode on YouTube and also download them.

Public Reviews

Public give positive views to the drama, they love this drama. It was the first time that pakistani drama get too much tove of the audience. Each episode of the drama has millions of views. Each dialogue of this drama was converted into different memes. Alot of hashtags, tweets and memes.

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The cast of the drama

This drama has the perfect team or cast which makes the drama adorable. The director chooses each cast member according to the character’s demand. Each cast member of the drama is hit and top-ranked today. They all did a good job. Let’s have a look at the cast:

Humayun Saeedmere pass tum ho
Ayeza khanmere pass tum ho
Shees Sajjal Gulmere pass tum ho
Adnan Sadiquimere pass tum ho
Hira Manimere pass tum ho
MeharBanomere pass tum ho
MohammadAhmedmere pass tum ho
FurqanQureshimere pass tum ho
Rehmat Ajmalmere pass tum ho

Awards and nominations

This hit top rated drama got alot of awards and nominations. Even many award show seprate categorised this drama because of his popluratory. Let’s have a looke at the awards and nominations!

Best Dramamere pass tum ho
Best  actress award Ayeza Khanmere pass tum ho
Best actor award Humayun Saeedmere pass tum ho
Best writer award Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar mere pass tum ho
Best drama Director Naeem Baigmere pass tum ho
Best Critici’s Actor Adnan Saddiquimere pass tum ho

Mere pas tum ho song and lyrics

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voices are heard in the latest Pakistani drama album. ARY Digital provided the music for this album. This song’s lyrics are covered by a video directed by Nadeem Baig. Six Sigma Entertainment produced this album.

Song title Ost: Mera ye bahram tha mere pass tum ho

Singer:   Rahat Fateh Ali khan 

mere pas tum ho

If you want to download the mere pas tum ho drama ost then you can download it from here!

Mere pass tum ho last episode leaves fans heartbroken?

Also, on Friday Pakistani top drama mere pass tum ho leaves their fans heartbroken by Danish death in the mere pass tum ho last episode. The top controversial series mere pass tum ho had been criticized for its misogynistic plot, and the matter ended up in court when a woman complainant tried to prevent the final episode from airing. 

Here look at the top trending public reaction on Danish death in mere pass tum ho last episode:


Is mere pass tum ho controversial Pakistani drama?

Mere pass tum ho also the most discussed top Pakistani drama. Mere pass tum ho is also one of those dramas that divide audiences into two different groups: those who love it, and those who make it a point to voice their dissatisfaction with it. Mere pass tum ho also the most talked- drama on social media even right now, with weekly trends on Twitter, resulting in a plethora of viewpoints. Not all of these viewpoints are favorable to the drama, but, as a mere pass tum ho viewer note, you can’t miss it whether you like it or not.

mere pas tum ho

Famous Dialogues of drama

“Mohabbat is not a stock market. Yahan ek baar bhao gir gaya, bas gir gaya!”

”Is do takay ki larki ke liye ap mujhe 50 million de rahe thay”

“Shirk to Khuda bhi mauf nahin kerta”

“Mohabbat main 2 tarha k gunahgaar hote hain, aik jo bewafa hote hain, aik jo bewafaa’on k liay rote hain!”

“Tum itni khoobsurat ho ke dekh k rashk ata hai, aur tum itni badsurat ho k tmhare mun pe thookne ka Dil Karta hai”

Humayo Saeed Thanks audience for the love

Humayo Saeed thanks the audience in his tweet for giving the drama marey pass tum ho too much love. Let see what was that tweet:

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