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Tanaa Banaa

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Tanaa Banaa is the hum tv drama that was telecast in the year 2021 during Ramadan. Tanaa Banaa drama has two main leads, Alizay Shah as an actress and Danyal Zafar as an actor. People love them as an onscreen couple. The story of Tanaa Banaa is based on a marriage in which both the leading roles have a marriage contract. The whole story covers marriage conditions, family love, and couple bonds. Tanaa Banaa ost was very cute, calming and the audience gives a very positive reaction to it.

Tanaa Banaa | OST | HUM TV | Drama

Tanaa Banaa | OST | Lyrical Video | Digitally Presented By OPPO | HUM TV | Drama

Every girl deserves to have a life partner like the hum tv show Tanaa Banaa shows. Danyal Zafar as an actor was a cooperative husband in this drama, who let his wife study. Tanaa Banaa is a good example to be followed by husbands. You should watch this drama.

Chupke Chupke

HUM TV Dramas

Chupke Chupke is the best among hum tv dramas Ramzan telecast. Chuipke Chupke was a family drama, which was all about the Nawab Family. Nawab has two marriages, with Naik Bakht and Naik Parwar. Both the wives of Nawab live together besides that they fight with each other. This story is about the marriage of their grandsons and granddaughters. This drama was broadcast during Ramadan. People applauded this drama’s light-hearted content. The public love the storyline, and cast chemistry.  Danish Nawaz said about hum tv dramas:

When I started this drama chupke chupke, our team goal was to make something better than Suno Chanda, I didn’t expect this drama to be a hit.  All credit goes to the whole team and directors. Ayeza Khan and Osman Khalid butt were the two main leading actors and actresses of this drama. They both first appeared in the drama “Galti Se Mistake Ho Gai”, the public loved their couple at that time and wanted to see them together again. The public loves watching them in hum tv drama chupke chupke.

Raqeeb Se

HUM TV Dramas

When we are talking about hum tv dramas 2021 then how can we forget Raqeeb se, having Iqra Aziz as the main leading actress of the show. Momina Duraid produced this drama, Bee Gul wrote this drama and Kashif Nisar directed this show. These three together make this drama a big hit in the list of top hums tv dramas 2021. This show has an interesting side because it has Hadiqa Kiani as the leading actress, she performed acting for the first time.

The whole story of this drama is centered around 1 man (Maqsood Sahab) who is around 4 women. One his wife (Hajra), and second her wife daughter, third his ex-girlfriend (Sakina) and her daughter. Maqsood Sahab’s girlfriend Sakina was tortured by her husband and comes to the Maqsood Sahab house for panah.

This was a very interesting drama.

Be Adab

HUM TV Dramas

Hum Tv presents a different story “Be adab” which leaves the romantic stories. It was a different story with different points. Be adab drama was an interesting drama which was written by Inam Hasan, directed by Shehzad Kashmiri, and produced by Momina Duraid. It was an interesting hum tv drama whose storyline was about the parents’ issues which they faced during their old age. This drama was all around how kids treat their parents when they become old.

All story is around family relationships (brothers’ relations, parents’ relations, and sons’ relations).  The whole drama was very emotional, the storyline was so original as per the ongoing public issues. The name of the drama “Be adab” itself tells the story of disrespectful kids. The public gets very emotional while watching this drama because of parents disrespecting is common nowadays.


Phaans is top-rated among the list of top hum tv dramas 2021. Zara Noor was the leading actress in this drama and her acting level made this drama a super hit drama. The public was very thrilled while watching this drama. A whole drama centered around the victim of Zara Noor who was sexually assaulted by Shahzad Sheikh (Sahil).  This drama was full of thrillers, from the starting of this show the real criminal was unknown.

It’s every ongoing episode creates a lot of suspense, each male person in the storyline was supposed to be a criminal. This drama extends too many episodes on showing the face of the real criminals, people start disliking it. From that moment to the next when the audience was on the ice to change their weekend tv drama show, this tv shows the face of the real culprit and gives this drama a new twist. This drama shows the talent of hum tv dramas team, how they make the drama fruitful to gain back the audience attraction.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

HUM TV Dramas

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay is the Top ranked drama of the year among all hum tv dramas 2021. Umera Ahmed write the script of this drama, Farooq Rind direct this drama. The point which makes this drama a big hit is the entry of Mahira Khan in this drama serial after 6 years long. All the leading stars showing their best performance.

It is a mysterious tv show, which contains the spices of hate, love, friendship, jealousy, revenge, and lineless. All episodes of this drama are superhit crossing millions of views, and all always on youtube trends. The storyline is all-around three cousins Aswad (hero; lives abroad), Mehreen (best in the curriculum), and Mashal (the main player).

The public rated this drama 4.5/5.  The first thing that is to be mentioned in the direction that made this not so exceptional storyline, exceptional to experience.  Then comes acting- Mehreen, Mashal, Shabo, Saleha khala are a gem. The way the Actors are doing their parts made Their characters alive.

Also, Aswad and safaan characters are a good addition to this story. There is another hero in this story and that is the mighty OST and majestic voice of the singer. I keep humming this song all day. When the song starts in the background it just makes the story more refreshing and sometimes helps to give goosebumps.


HUM TV Dramas

Most watched the drama of this year 2021. Hum Tv dramas have another level, they are showing different stories each time. These all stories are in line with social ongoing issues and problems. From my childhood to adolescence, I watched hum tv dramas because each drama shows different colors of society. Back to the Parizaad!

It is based on a novel written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Shehzad Kashmiri. This drama is directed in a way that takes the audience on an emotional ride that is full of pain. This drama shows different elements of society including misery, quick judgment, and selflessness.

The story is all around the main leading actor Ahmed Ali Akber whose name is parizaad, and is poor having black skin color. This drama shows the struggle of parizaad for a better life. The public is loving this drama with every passing episode. It is taking the audience to the classic PTV era with strong and brilliant script and performances.

Indeed, Ahmed Ali Akber is perfectly fit for the character and of course, our very own Nauman Ijaz is great too like ever.  her direction is awesome with a fast pace as one gets so much involved and doesn’t feel bored and anxiously waits for the next episode.

This drama is still super hit despite being aired on a weekday unlike others over the weekend and has commercially hit faces. It means it does not always look that makes drama hit but strong script and performance coupled with direction.

Juda huay kuch is tarha

Hum Tv drama Juda Huay Kuch is tarha is a love story-based drama and telecasted during 2022. This drama gets more views because of its write-up by Khalil Ur Rehman. Momina Duraid produced this drama and featured Dur-e-Fishan Saleem and Nabeel Zuberi in leading roles.

This drama is based on family issues in which the love story of couples suffers a lot. Let see if this couple makes it possible to be together and face all problems together……


It is the most awaited drama among Hum Tv Dramas. ‘Ishq-e-Laa’ is MD (Momina Duraid) production. This drama has all the perfect aspects to be a big hit and broke the ratings of previous all top-rated hum Tv dramas. Yumna Zaida is the best actress, dashing Azan Sami Khan (also a singer), and tremendous Sajal Aly. This drama has two themes one is romance and the second is social issues. There are many romantic scenes in this drama that are telecasted for the first time in the Hum Tv Dramas. You should watch its ost, have a look at it;

The whole story is around three people, Shanaya (Sajal Aly) which is playing a role of a journalist and is very passionate about doing social works. She loves to work for human rights. I was quite impressed when I saw the first episode in which the day of Shanaya (Sajal Aly) was started with Holy Quran recitation. She was looking too simple and pretty.

The second leading role of this drama is held by handsome singer Azan Sami Khan, who is plazying the role of Azlan. The character of Azlan in this drama is rich and is a successful businessman who runs the branches of the bank all over the world. In the story till 2 episodes Shanaya and Azlan are friends. Let’s see where their friendship goes.

The third leading role is performed by beautiful and innocent Yumna Zaidi (Azka) who belongs to a poor family. Besides belonging to a poor family, she wants to become a doctor. She has one mother, brother, and brother-in-law in her house.

Let’s see where this drama goes….


HUM TV Dramas

Dobara drama serial is my favorite broadcasting drama by hum tv, the storyline of this drama is showing another trend. Hum Tv dramas always show a new side of society. If we analyze the stories of hum Tv Dramas then we will get to know each drama gives us a positive message. Let’s back to the hum tv drama “Dobara” is an ongoing number one drama.

Because of Hadia Kiani who is performing a role main lead actress. It’s going to be her second drama after “Raqeeb se” on hum tv. Besides having a beautiful voice Hadiqa Kiani has excellent acting skills. Let’s hear to humza about Hadiq Kiani Acting skills:

Back to the story of the drama “Dobara”, it was all around marriage, child marriage, and aged marriage. Two eras are highlighted in this drama, two society issues. Child marriage and marriage at old age.

Mehrunisa (Hadiqa Kiani) is a widow after having a child marriage. The story as per the promo is now at that age when she is a widow and has two elder children will get married to her co-actor Bilal Abbas. Let’s see how the story goes of this hum tv drama.

Safar Tamam Huwa

“Safar Tamam Hua” did not get any attention from the public, while having an excellent cast and script this drama fails to build fans’ attraction.

Aakhir Kab Tak

Touching a societal issue of working women this drama highlights the harassment which women faced in the workplace and also family. This drama is written by Radain Shah, directed by Syed Ali Raza, and produced by Moomal Shunaid. Must watch this drama!


Sitam is HUM Tv telecasted drama that has an interesting story of a couple. Who is happily married? Have a look at its last episode.

Yaar Na Bichray

Yaar Ma Bichray is the famous, romantic drama of Zain Baig. The whole story is about the working woman and her supportive husband. Her greedy father, strict but loving in-laws. Step sister of hero, their disputes, couple love, misunderstanding, and suspense make this drama a hit one for Hum tv. There was great discussion about the last scene of the drama, the public says it was copied from Hum Safar.

Youn to Hai Pyar Bahot

It’s the most rated drama on hum tv because of Hira Mani and Affan Waheed bonding as an on-screen couple. The public loves to watch them together, their drama “Do Bol” was a hit serial because of their chemistry. It’s a romantic drama watch the trailer for more details:


Laapata is performed by beautiful Ayeza Khan from the block baster drama serial “Mere pas tum ho”.  This drama storyline is consisting of i incomplete love story. All the actors and actress give their best in their performance.

Wafa Be Mol

HUM TV Dramas

This drama is very well going daily, like daily tv drama, with having some family “Sasural spices”. Mostly I didn’t watch lengthy dramas but this drama attracts me and gets my attention daily from 7 to 8. The storyline consists of a married couple, in which the husband misunderstood his wife’s relation with his brother-in-law. All storyline is perfect just like the ongoing social issues. This drama is now on its last episodes lets see where it goes.

Qissa Meherbano Ka

Mawra Hocane is the leading actress which is facing marriage issues because of relationship breakdowns. It’s a nice hum tv drama. You should watch this drama:


It’s an upcoming Hum Tv drama, as per its trailer and our assumptions it will be a hit drama. Let’s have a look at its teasers.


It’s a new upcoming hum tv drama. In which sons’ priority concept is dominant. Let’s see the teasers:


Bisaat is a new story of love and sacrifices. Mirza Zain Baig is playing a leading role in this drama. I think after the death role of Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 drama he comes here for acting. Its releasing date will be announced soon.

Only on Hum Tv


Talking about top hum tv dramas 2021, Bebasi is coming new drama, which is based on the fortunes. The young and talented girl Alizeh Shah is doing a leading role in this drama. It’s a romantic drama, having spices of emotions, and will be a hit because Hum tv is launching new and different stories.

Hum Tv dramas also have the exceptional qualities of going to be a big hit.  Alizay Shah and Ali Rehman couple is liked by the audience in this drama. Its releasing date is not announced yet. Let’s see where this storyline goes. The below teaser shows the Alizay Shah family characters which are going to be the leading point of the story, her father is a strict man in the bebasi drama let’s have a look at the teaser:

Hum TV dramas 2020

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