Omair Rana


Omair Rana is a Pakistani actor and a theater director and was born on January 31, 1978. He also directs so many dramas in educational institutes. Some famous plays at the Lahore Grammer School (Johar Town Campus) are Life of Galileo in 2013 and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 2014. His theater company was founded in 2000 and named “Real Entertainment Production”, where he has done more than 50 plays ever since.

Omair Rana (Pakistani Actor)


Omair Rana started his early education in Al Ain, UAE. Al-Ain is an English-speaking school that played a great role in generating his great interest in theater. He also got much internship during the period of his career development. It includes the Lahore Chamber of Commerce. He has done Diploma in Economics and Management.


His brother’s name is Owais Rana.

Omair Rana


Omair Rana is married to Maira Omair Rana on 13 December 2003. He had one son named as Rayaan Ali and daughter, Afia.

Omair Rana
Omair Rana



Toba Tek Singh

In 2005, he played the great role of “Bishan Singh” in the film “Toba Tek Singh”. This short film was based on the story of “Manto” and was directed by Afia Nathaniel.


In 2013, he was cast to play acting debut as “Rashid” in “Chambaili” directed by Ismail Jilani.


In 2013, he played a great soldier husband role in the short film 65. This film was directed by Steven Moore, based on the Pak-Ind War of 1965.


In 2014, he worked again as Rizwan Ahmed in the direction of Steven Moore.


In 2015, he was cast as Zarak Khan in the direction of Afia Nathaniel.


In 2016, a thriller action movie “Driven” was released in which Omair Rana was seen to show his acting skills.

Television Drama

Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi

In 2013, he acted as “Sir Chauhan” in the drama serial “Ullu Braye Frokht Nahi” which aired on Hum TV.

Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad

In 2014, he was featured in the drama serial aired on ARY Digital.

Do Saal Ki Aurat

In 2014, this drama was aired on Hum TV, in which Omair Rana played a role as “Umar”.


In 2015, he acted as “Zain” in the drama serial “Dilfareb”. This drama serial was aired on Geo Entertainment.

Tum Mere Kya Ho

In 2015, he played the role of “Khalid” in the drama serial “Tum Mere Kya Ho” which aired on PTV Home.


In 2015, he was acted as “Arslan” in the drama “Arslan” aired Hum TV.

Sang-e-Mar Mar

In 2016, he played a strong role in “Safiullah Khan” aired on Hum TV.

Piya Be Dardi

This was the A Plus Entertainment production of 2016. In this drama serial, he played a role as “Sahir”.

Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain

In 2017, he played a great role of Sikander which was aired on Hum TV.

O Rangreza

In 2017, he played “Waji Kama” in “O Rangreza” which aired on Hum TV.

Mujhay Jeenay Do

It was the drama serial of Urdu 1 in 2017, in which he was seen to act as “Ittefaq”.


In 2017, he was cast on ARY Digital’s drama serial “Qurban”, which showed his skills as “Kaysar Khan”.

De Ijazat

In 2018, he was cast in the drama serial of Hum TV, De Ijazat.

Zann Mureed

It was also the production of Hum TV of 2018. In “Zann Mureed” he was seen to act as “Sajjad”.


In 2018, he was seen in a hit drama serial “Aangan” as “Mazhar Chacha” that aired on Hum TV.

Pyar Ke Sadqay

In 2020, he was seen in a super hit drama serial “Pyar Ke Sadqay” in which he played a negative role as “Sarwar” that was aired on Hum TV as well as PTV Home.

Dil Na Umeed To Nahi

In 2021, he acted as “Zulfi” for the drama serial “Dil Na Umeed To Nahi” which aired on TV One.

Hum Khan Ke Sachay Thay

In 2021, he was seen at the start of the drama “Hum Khan Ke Sachay Thay” as a Cameo Appearance named Mansoor that aired on Hum TV.


In 2022, he is currently seen in viral and top-rated drama serial of Hum TV “Sang-e-Mah”. He can be seen to play a great role of Mastaan Singh.

Web series

In 2020, a web series named “Churails” was released on Zee5, in which he was seen to act as “Jameel Khan”, a role of husband of a lead character Sara.


In 2020, sexual harassment allegation came forward by some female student of Lahore Grammar School. They claimed that they are assaulted by most of the male faculty members of the school. Omair Rana was also implemented in this case. These allegations were based on some tweets. Later no witness came forward against Omair Rana as well as there was no proof against him.

Awards and nominations

PISA 2021, Pakistan International Screen Awards

In 2021, he was nominated as “Best Supporting Actor” for the drama serial “Pyar Ke Sadqey”.

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